Acquacoltura Innovativa Responsabile - Innovative Responsible Aquaculture
Innovative Responsible Aquaculture

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About us

We are a team of Italian and international professionals, who built this startup, to realize in Italy and around the world the best farm chain of responsible aquaculture
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Our group

Responsible aquaculture with complete production cycle

Ittica Italia was born thanks to academic and practical experience of members and to collaboration with the national research system

Logo Ittica Italia
Consortium of Crustacean Farmers

Production facilities

It is an administrative, juridic, logistic, financial, commercial and research structure for consortium members, but also a platform for industrialization and capitalization of all innovative aquaculture technologies

Logo Biotecnomares
Biotecnomares Consortium

Scientific partner

It is our strategic partner well-known in Italy and in Europe with its applied research in biotechnology and Eco-compatible sustainable methodology for an aquaculture and catch industry, especially thanks to circular economy methods and models

Logo Centro Nazionale di Riproduzione - National Reproduction and Research Center
National Reproduction and Research Center

Innovative nursery

The unique in Europe farm with a new technology of complete reproduction cycle, i.e. constant and European supply of post-larvae

Why choose us?

Fresh prawns, lobsters and oysters

Farmed in Italy and fresh seafood delivered at km0 in 48 hours after being caught

Mazzancolla tropicale / 
Whiteleg shrimp
Whiteleg shrimp

Whiteleg shrimp

Penaeus vannamei
30-35 pcs/kg

Gambero gigante indopacifico / 
Giant tiger prawn
Giant tiger prawn

Giant tiger prawn

Penaeus monodon
25-30 pcs/kg

Mazzancolla / 
Kuruma prawn
Kuruma prawn

Kuruma prawn

Penaeus japonicus
25-30 pcs/kg

Ostrica piatta / 
European flat oyster
European flat oyster

European flat oyster

Ostrea Edulis
80-90g / 90-100g

Our farm is still under construction and we are able to guarantee the supply of prawns and post-larvae at the end of 2020, of oysters – from June 2021

Produce environmentally friendly

Zero impact on the environment

BiotecnoMares Consortium has created a RAS system with zero environmental impact, for a hyper-intensive production of crustaceans that ensures constant monitoring of all production activities, solve all problems of external biological factors, and of course allow to control of operating temperatures for a better growth and well-being of animals

Do not reduce soil

All modules are made without any use of concrete, so a whole farm is made to archive a non-soil-reducing goal, with an extremely modest surface of it

Use green energy

Protection structures – solar greenhouses – aim at decisive energy saving, while solar panels thanks to their green energy permit to all farm being autonomous during daylight

Archive eco-sustainability

We use solar green energy for economic heating, while precise temperature control permits us to achieve the sustainability of heating

Limit water quantity

We need a very limited water quantity – about 1/50 of water consumption of a traditional shrimp farm with an equivalent producing capacity

Apply circular economy methods

In the production cycle we used a circular economy model, with farming plat of secondary species at zero cost (oysters), and with transformation plant of crustacean shells to obtain degradable films for packaging

Respect employees

And at least, thanks to a particular technology (numerous small tanks) best working conditions for workers are guaranteed since man is also an essential part of the environment

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Evaluation strategy

2025 goals

In five years, will be created a real smart farming consortium, consisting of 5 farms at least. At the end of the fifth year, the smart farming process will become fully operational thanks to the development of the digital management system created by the DINAQUA group, of which Ittica Italia project takes part.

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Via Ravenna, 7,
75010 Pisticci Scalo, MT

Monday – Friday:
10 – 13, 14 – 19

Any questions? Do you want to build the farm in partnership with us?

Photos by © Ratapan Anantawat on Unsplash, Vino Li on Unsplash, Anupam Sekhar on Flickr